A Work Health and Safety Guide to Contractor Relationship Management

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No doubt about it. The labor hire market is surging across the world. Some advanced economies, like Australia, are even registering increases of over 30 percent in the number of independent contractors. For businesses, the benefits are clear: lower costs, increased flexibility, less oversight.
But achieving those strategic business objectives through contractors takes time and effort. What’s more, the risks of getting contractor relationship management wrong can be a lot costlier than most firms consider. That’s because countries like Australia and New Zealand have all adopted stringent new work health and safety guidelines that foist new responsibilities onto businesses that simply host contractors. 
Not sure what those changes mean for you? You’re in luck. We’ve created a comprehensive work health and safety guide to contractor management that will help you manage the risks, achieve compliance, and get the most out the contractor relationships. Here’s what’s included:
• Examines the legal and financial risk of contractor management 
• Explains the duty of care to labor hire workers
• Provides work health and safety best practices for the entire contractor life cycle
• Lays out vendor consideration to ensure legal compliance