Crisis Management Planning:
An Introductory Guide

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Corporate crisis continues to grow in kind, cost, and intensity. Only last year, we experiences a 25% net gain in the number of trackable crises. Meanwhile, crisis-related work stoppages easily cost businesses upwards of $1 million per hour. 

But though the likelihood and price tag of crises are at all-time highs - 80% of crisis executives have had to mobilize their teams in the last two years - the number of companies actually planning for crisis remains alarmingly low. What's going on here? 

The lion's share of businesses only engage in crisis management planning after they've first experienced crisis. By then, it's far too late. Still not sold on the value? That's where we come in. To help firms overcome the barriers to crisis management planning, we've created an introductory guide which walks you through the key business benefits of developing your own crisis plan. 

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