Availability Management in Volunteer Disaster and Emergency Response 

Download the Complimentary Guide:

As veteran emergency managers will tell you, coordinating the availability of emergency personnel is operationally critical to delivering resources and services. It’s just not that easy, especially for agencies who rely heavily on volunteers to support their response efforts.
And those organizations are becoming the norm as volunteer ranks are swelling: not just formal organization volunteers, but also spontaneous volunteers converging on disasters sites even before established organizations can arrive. No doubt, this class of emergency worker can bring a lot to the mission, but they also raise clear operational questions. None more important than, will my volunteers reliably show up?
Managing those availability challenges before they delay and disrupt the mission takes time and planning. That’s why we created this guide to availability management in volunteer disaster and emergency response. The paper helps you get the best out of your volunteer population, thereby ensuring the efficient flow of resources to the disaster zone. 
The guide:
• Provides a handy typology of emergency volunteers and their functions
• Lays out the key challenges to availability management in disaster and emergency response
• Offers a detailed buyer’s guide to emergency management software that can help solve your availability challenges