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Announcing the Launch of the Noggin Continuity Solution Pack

Posted by James BW on Apr 29, 2020 8:30:00 AM
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Practical business continuity software solution to provide organizations with the tools needed to effectively assess business risks and impact, coordinate responses to disruptions, and manage incidents, from the smallest outage to a major crisis.

With the wide-ranging business continuity impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic daily becoming clearer, Noggin, a global industry leader in safety and security technology, today announced the release of its next-generation business continuity software solution, Noggin Continuity.

Noggin Continuity - Recovery Strategy RegisterFigure 1. Recovery Strategy Register in the Noggin Continuity Solution Pack.

Built on the core Noggin 2.0 platform, the Noggin Continuity solution pack provides organizations the tools needed to effectively assess business risks and impact, coordinate responses to disruptions, and manage incidents, no matter how big or small.

Noggin Continuity comes with a library of over 25 modules providing over 200 best-practice templates, forms, dashboards, reports and more. This includes 70+ plans, including templates for managing disruption to critical business function areas, covering loss of essential personnel, facilities or assets, communications or information systems, data, production capabilities, supply chain or IT connectivity, and more - all highly relevant in this age of COVID-19.

Business continuity software for better continuity of operations, Noggin Continuity takes a practical approach to business continuity management.

The end-to-end solution enables the analysis of business activities and functions through the BIA to understand the overall impact of potential disruptions. Then, by tracking scheduled disruption exercises for critical activities, you can conduct procedural reviews to ensure optimal functionality of recovery strategies and coverage of critical activities. All of this while monitoring incidents that effect those critical business activities to ensure an expedient return to normal processes.

Noggin Continuity - Critical Business Activity RegisterFigure 2. Critical Business Activity (CBA) Register in the Noggin Continuity Solution Pack.

Using Noggin Continuity helps organisations adhere to international standards such as ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Systems, in a number of ways:

Planning and leadership

Have all resources available for your teams including policy documentation, communications, roles and responsibilities as well as having executive oversite of processes so that everyone in the organisation is aware what standards they are aligning against.


Enact the business continuity processes such as planning and monitoring down to a business unit level, tracking third-party vendor and resource dependencies, conducting of business impact analyses, the development of recovery strategies and conducting the testing of each all from the one platform .

Performance Evaluation

Approval pathways and executive reviews for BIA outcomes and recovery strategy development and testing to highlight adherence to the regular re-evaluations schedules.


Monitor and enact continual improvement processes factoring in corrective actions, plan optimisations and gap in recovery strategies uncovered in exercises and incidents through a single dashboard to align with your own policies

“This COVID-19 pandemic is exposing many of the hidden fault lines within the business continuity practice, and that’s why we think the timing of the Noggin Continuity solution pack release is so auspicious,” said Noggin CEO, James Boddam-Whetham. “In particular, we focused on pragmatic business continuity in developing the pack, so you get an immediate ROI, as well as software that scales as continuity events become full-bore crises.”

To better coordinate and manage the response to disruptions issuing from the coronavirus pandemic, Noggin Continuity customers will also gain free, bundled access to the Noggin Modules for COVID-19 Response for the duration of the pandemic as part of their subscription.

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