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James BW is the CEO and Managing Director of Noggin. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a rich history in developing enterprise software applications and social media tools and portals.
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Noggin Ready to Handle IRAP Protected Classification in National Incident & Case Management Response

Posted by James BW on Jan 20, 2020 1:30:00 PM

IRAP enables Australian government agencies and bodies to store and run highly sensitive data at the Protected security level.


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Topics: Risk Management, Emergency Management, Government, Public Safety, Incident Management, Compliance, Security Management, Safety Management

A Noggin Update on the Australian Bushfires

Posted by James BW on Nov 20, 2019 4:24:45 AM

Natural disasters are growing in kind, cost, and intensity. We see evidence of it all the time. Having recently lived in California, I experienced back-to-back cataclysmic wildfire seasons – last year’s North California season left air in the Bay Area so smoke-laden that it ranked among the dirtiest in the world. And now, my home state of New South Wales faces the same scenario, a longer, more intense bush firefighting season, already on track to be the worst in decades.

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Topics: Alerts, Public Safety, Community & Humanitarian, Noggin Crisis, Safety Management

Look Out! Here comes Critical Event Management.

Posted by James BW on Mar 30, 2019 3:11:53 AM


Everywhere you turn, disruptive critical events are in the news – so too, the companies they affect. Just look at the Forrester report, Take A Unified Approach To Critical Event Management: the study finds that 100 percent – yes, you read that right – of companies surveyed had experienced a critical event in the last two years. That’s not even the full extent of it. Many of those companies actually dealt with multiple incidents during that time frame: the average was four, discrete critical events in a two-year period.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Incident Management, Critical Issues Management, Crisis Plans, Crisis Planning

Leading a Team of Experts

Posted by James BW on Jan 23, 2019 4:12:57 AM


No doubt, you’ve heard of a team of rivals: the idea, popularized in a history of Abraham Lincoln, of recruiting your ablest rivals to positions of prominence and using their acumen in times of turmoil. Turns out, the theoretical concept isn’t that different from what actually happens in crisis management. Only, there, organizations staff crisis teams with business experts, rather than political rivals.

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Topics: Crisis Management

Crisis and Routine Decision Making: Never the twain shall meet

Posted by James BW on Jan 4, 2019 3:32:55 AM


Over the last few years, companies have taken major steps to get their crisis preparedness house(s) in order. For instance, the 2016 Institute of Crisis Management (ICM) Annual Crisis Report found that only half of all global organizations had crisis management plans in place. Fast forward to this year, when Deloitte released the findings of its global survey of 500 crisis management executives. That study, “Stronger, fitter, better: Crisis management for the resilient enterprise,” showed that no less than 84 percent of companies had crisis management plans in place. Not the same sample set, to be sure, but still a major jump in crisis management preparedness. But though companies seem to have cottoned on completely to the crisis threat, they’re not out of the woods quite yet. That’s because the reality of crisis is completely different than the ersatz version you’ll find in crisis plans and simulations.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Noggin Crisis, Critical Issues Management, Crisis Planning

Crisis Planning Isn't for the Box Tickers

Posted by James BW on Dec 28, 2018 6:29:13 AM


When compliance aims drive your crisis planning, they do so to your detriment. I know, sounds a little counter-intuitive, especially when regulators mandate that businesses prepare emergency plans for the workplace.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Noggin Crisis, Critical Issues Management, Crisis Plans, Crisis Planning

Why Companies Aren't Prepared for Crisis

Posted by James BW on Dec 18, 2018 4:48:09 AM


The crisis threat is here – most likely to stay. According to the ODM Group, nearly 80% of business leaders think their companies are only a year away from crisis. They’ve good reason to: roughly four in five Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and Risk executives have had to mobilize their teams at least once in the past two years.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Noggin Crisis, Critical Issues Management

Communicating in a Crisis is a Two-Way Street

Posted by James BW on Nov 16, 2018 8:30:00 AM


If your organization has a crisis communication plan, your team has probably thought long and hard about what you’ll say, to whom, and through what channels. If your organization, like nearly half of those surveyed by Nasdaq, has no crisis communication playbook, these are key questions to explore.[i]  But whether your crisis team is revising the plan or building one now, remember that communication is not just about what you say. It’s also about listening to stakeholders.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Noggin Crisis, Critical Issues Management

Leading Through Crisis: What it takes

Posted by James BW on Nov 8, 2018 3:00:00 AM


Show me an executive who thinks they’ve got crisis leadership down pat, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have the first clue about the nature of crisis. That’s right. Crisis is nothing like you think. Of unusual-and I mean unusual-frequency and impact, a crisis, especially novel crisis, forces business leaders to take decisive steps to respond to challenges they’ve probably never confronted, without understanding the provenance of the crisis in the first place or the longer-term consequences of the crisis intervention they’re about to take.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Noggin Crisis, Critical Issues Management

How Noggin's Going BIG at RIMS 2018!

Posted by James BW on Apr 12, 2018 5:16:51 AM


Hey, Risk professionals! Heading to RIMS 2018, the best place to enhance your knowledge of emerging risks, claims, and cyber risks? Well, we’ll be there too, making some pretty big news in Crisis Management. 

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Topics: Crisis Management, Conferences & Events, Noggin Crisis

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