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As the global Talent Acquisition Manager at Noggin, my focus is to make sure that we attract, engage and hire the best and brightest people out there. I love that what we do is interesting, challenging and actually makes a difference in the world around us. I am passionate about bringing exceptional people into our business and seeing them grow and succeed. I love our diversity, our values and our ability to work together to achieve our vision. To me, being a Noggin means being authentic, solving big problems, and constantly working towards becoming the best version of yourself. All the while having fun and forming lifelong relationships with like-minded people.
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Working for Noggin: A quick look at life in Noggin's Product Development Team

Posted by Kara Stevens on Feb 9, 2018 5:34:36 AM

Welcome to our blog series on what it's like to work in Noggin's Product Development Team. We're always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent out there, and we know great talent cares about a lot more than just the offer. So, this article will give you a bit of a sneak peek into life as a Noggin. 

At Noggin, we pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry. We’re constantly on the hunt for movers, shakers, and people who excel in their field. You might be asking yourself, “so, what’s it like to work at Noggin anyway?” For starters, we work on a kick-ass product and make a quantifiable impact in the incident management space.

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Meet Noggin: all-hazards enterprise resilience software.

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The Noggin software suite provides flexible information management solutions capable of managing all hazards across a wide range of industries, from the smallest complaint to a multi-national emergency. We help organizations handle all hazards, all media, all devices, all processes - in one suite of software products. Organizations across the world rely on Noggin to help them manage disruptive events more effectively and protect the bottom line for their communities and businesses.

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