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Consultants need technology to ensure clients manage hazards smarter

Posted by Gunnar Habitz on Aug 22, 2019 2:20:47 AM
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We are often asked how our customers seamlessly manage the journey from initial needs qualification to implementation of Noggin’s technology solution with its dependencies on other systems.

While large organisations often have their own teams to handle use cases such as work health safety, protective security, and emergency management, many mid-sized organisations do not. They tend to rely on consultants.

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Consultants offer expertise and important project management services, handling the crucial steps between gap analysis and recommendation.

But without an effective technology solution at the end of the engagement, consulting work often remains a paper exercise.

Here’s how Noggin can make the crucial difference for consultants, enabling them to expand their service offerings. From initial discovery to training and support, our customers go through a logical, linear process with our business analysts and project managers.

Larger companies typically understand the limits of their incumbent system. Smaller and mid-sized organisations, on the other hand, often do not have technology in place to incidents or crisis communications. Business Continuity plans might exist on paper but have not been tested.

In these use cases, partners can guide customers along the whole journey with the new Noggin 2.0 integrated safety and security management platform.

How does it work? For a new customer assignment, consultants will typically start with a thorough analysis, usually a new risk management framework, reviewing existing incident management guidelines, or coming up with a Business Impact Assessments in advance of a Business Continuity Plan.

Then comes the actual plan or guide, which is tested before it is handed over to the customer. Consultants can, of course, take the extra step, introducing their clients to a technology vendor that can digitise those plans. That partner would further transform the plans into checklists associated to teams, roles, and individuals.

Noggin 2.0 goes even further, providing dashboards, controls, forms, and workflows, while consultants or other service partners implement existing plans and important organisational data and business processes into the Noggin system, without the need for coding or programming work.

On the training front: some partners operate their own learning academies to demonstrate their subject matter expertise. Noggin 2.0 comes with its own training library, so partners can deliver a combined training on site, ensuring success right out of the box.

With Noggin 2.0, partners can extend their services beyond merely delivering plans to implementing end-to-end systems that manage business as usual tasks and critical situations alike, a sustainable adoption model beyond a referral for a technology solution.

We will be discussing this partner journey and offering concrete examples at the upcoming Noggin User Conference on 12 & 13 September 2019 in Sydney. To learn more, contact us on


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