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From Advisory to Enablement: Unpacking the challenges and opportunities towards sustainable implementations

Posted by Gunnar Habitz on Sep 26, 2019 4:44:51 AM
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The recent Noggin User Conference in Sydney brought together consultants, technology partners, and service professionals to illustrate what a best-practice customer journey looks like, from initial gap analysis to full system implementation.

Gunnar Panel

In particular, a panel of industry experts, including ShineWing Australia partner Kerry McGoldrick, Matthew Harper from Resilient Results, and Craig Armour of K C Armour & Co, offered rich insights into achieving sustainable technology implementations. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Kerry was first to share observations from his risk and resilience experience at Quantas, Woolworths, EY, and Deloitte. He sees technology enablement as an important part of a broader toolkit but not the complete solution – here, everyone was in agreement on the vital importance of fully understanding the problem to be solved before fully engaging with a client.

Kerry further elaborated on what he saw as the stark difference between smaller “point solutions,” which solve just one problem, and enterprise-grade software installations that handle broad management challenges. The Noggin 2.0 core platform, for instance, offers a well-balanced solution, easy to get going, with “out-of-the-box” functionality, while providing the potential to expand to broader use cases.

Nevertheless, organisations might still have complex integration, procurement, and security requirements, despite the availability of out-of-the-box software functionality.

On this point, the panel agreed that it might make sense for enterprises looking to solve one problem to choose a point solution first or a standalone solution within a larger enterprise installation, then expand as needed. This sustainable approach helps balance simplicity and complexity.

But even when it comes to deciding on a simple solution, the process of selection and implementation itself might still be complex, as it often involves multiple stakeholders.

The panel also expanded on the relative value of external and internal advisors. Organisations often don’t validate their internal assumptions with external advisors who bring valuable experience having worked on similar implementations.

Partners typically have a good sense of available technologies and can help bridge the gap between vendors and customers as the latter move from challenge to solution.

Along those lines, Kerry was convinced that tech enablement could become an advantage, even accelerate organisational maturity. Why? The implementation of an appropriate solution can help digitise and automate processes more quickly.

Speaking with almost three decades experience in emergency and disaster management, Matthew suggested that firms tended to be reluctant to introduce more technology to their staff, particularly where there was a reliance on an established system or process. And that's precisely where he saw room for experienced consultants to advocate for relevant change management in lieu of a direct technology implementation.

Matthew was also convinced of the value of engaging external advisors as translators between the client and the vendor, starting at the very beginning of the implementation journey.

Boutique consultancy owner, Craig Armour offered a middle layer between business and technology. In his experience, tech enablement can lead to smarter decision making as long as that specific technology is well prepared for and leads to perceived value gains.

In his view, measuring the real ROI for a technology implementation requires a solid business case upfront to understand the value of the realised outcome over time.

Capping the session off, the speakers and audience agreed that tech enablement can indeed create real value and become a point of differentiation, helping customers solve challenges.

On our end, Noggin is working with consultants to bolster their expertise and ensure desired outcomes, not just in the earlier phases of the customer journey but also after the decision to implement a solution like Noggin 2.0 is made.

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