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Noggin Launches Breakfast Seminars Initiative

Posted by The Brain on Nov 30, 2018 6:00:50 AM


How prepared are organizations to tackle critical issues and major crises? That’s the question we at Noggin alongside our partner Deloitte posed to invited customers in an inaugural series of breakfast seminars exploring the theme of overconfidence and crisis preparedness.


Held earlier this month in Australian capital cities, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, the new series brought together risk practitioners from multiple industries, all assembled to explore new developments in the space and to learn about new innovations at Noggin.

Kicking things off was Noggin CEO, James Boddam-Whetham, who highlighted current implementations of the Noggin solution with volunteer organizations, American Red Cross and Cajun Navy Relief, the latter a grassroots agency that successfully deployed Noggin OCA in response efforts during last year’s Hurricane Harvey.

Next up, we had logistics and transportation leader, LINX Cargo Care Group to offer a first-hand customer testimonial about its Noggin OCA-based Health, Safety, Environment, and Risk system. LINX Cargo Care Group has been using the solution for a a good year now to great effect. In fact, the company has experienced staggering increases in employee engagement and incident transparency for senior leadership, as well as 500 hours per year in time saved. HSE Governance & Systems Manager, Michael Kemp summed it up best: “[The system] better supports us to send our people home safely, every day.”

The title of the breakfast series, “Is Overconfidence Hurting Preparedness?”, comes from a Deloitte Risk Advisory survey published earlier this year. And the next session featured Deloitte Director Kerry McGoldrick discussing some of the study’s top line findings, most notably, the revelation that while more than 90 percent of leaders worldwide believe they are well prepared for a crisis, such as a corporate scandal, only 17 percent have performed the requisite simulations to ensure preparedness. McGoldrick capped the talk by providing helpful tips on how to overcome common crisis preparedness pitfalls, by bolstering crisis leadership and communication.

Rounding out the sessions were a couple of Noggin senior leaders. First, Product Director, James Dumay previewed what’s next for the Noggin Enterprise solution, detailing the latest product developments designed to ensure that the (ever-more) user-friendly solution continues to handle crises and other incidents well into the future.

Finally, Gunnar Habitz, Channel Development Manager debuted Noggin’s strategic partnership program. This new initiative is intended to bring risk consultancies, leadership coaches, industry associations, the IT channel, and technology providers into the Noggin ecosystem, via a “triple-win approach.” Often, mid-market customers rely on third-party expertise in incident management; and with our new strategic partnership program, we’re giving those parties a chance to leverage the Noggin product suite to help their clients manage disruption, smarter.

team noggin photo - SYD bfast 2018


Want to attend this event in the future? Team Noggin will be continuing on in Perth, Brisbane, and Wellington in 2019. To be added to the guest list, email See you next year!


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