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Noggin at Work: The case of the LINX Group

Posted by The Brain on Feb 27, 2019 4:33:48 AM


The LINX Group is a pretty big deal in the logistics infrastructure and solutions space. How couldn’t it be? Built on more than a century’s worth of ports and logistics experience, the company brings together the skills and expertise of four market-leading operations. As a result, it boasts customers across a wide array of industries.


So that’s why when LINX Cargo Care Group officially emerged two years ago following a corporate de-merger, it was imperative that the self-styled 100-year old start-up find a flexible HSEQR (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, and Risk) system to harmonize incident management and safety processes across its principal business units.

The historical system its predecessor company used wasn’t going to make the cut. New decision-makers needed a new solution that would increase visibility and transparency, as well as improve usability and flexibility. By the way, they also wanted a new system up and running quickly.

Over the course of multiple demonstrations, Noggin proved to LINX, the value of our Noggin OCA platform. The solution provides organizations like the LINX Group with a comprehensive suite of work health and safety tools to manage, review, and analyze their incidents and hazards.

How did Noggin OCA get implemented? Well, the LINX Group didn’t give us much time to rest on our laurels. We had an aggressive timeframe in which to implement Noggin OCA into the high-hazard transport and infrastructure environment.

At the same time, the LINX Group also wanted a vendor that could provide hands-on, subject-matter expertise. So in workshops, we worked together to hammer out core requirements, thereby ensuring that Noggin OCA would meet everyone’s needs.

Turns out, the actual implementation went smoothly as well – and who doesn’t love that? We stuck pretty closely to forecast, even with some extra time for additional configuration thrown on top.

The LINX Group now deploys Noggin OCA, rebranding the solution “Lifeguard,” which the LINX Group now uses as its core Risk and Workplace Safety management platform to help with the company’s auditing, reporting, and communications needs. But Lifeguard is really two integrated systems, Noggin OCA and Noggin OCA Public, in one, with Noggin OCA Public giving the LINX Group a streamlined, customized user experience for incident recording.

All told, Lifeguard enables the LINX Group to do the following:

  • Report HSE incidents and notify relevant stakeholders based on the severity and location of the incident in question.
  • Undertake investigations using a variety of root-cause and contributing factor methodologies.
  • Capture location data and better understand the relationship of that data to site managers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Gather employee and contractor exposure hours, so as to more easily calculate key performance indicators.
  • Configure dashboards for stakeholder responsibilities.
  • Manage and centralize hazards, risks, and controls reporting, following prevailing risk management guidelines.
  • Generate job safety analyses.
  • Create, track, and manage corrective actions.
  • Record safety conversations and other meetings.
  • Undertake audits and workplace inspections, as well as capture and report non-conformances.
  • Standardize incident notification templates based on severity.
  • Reassign actions and incidents when people leave.

Want to read the full story about our partnership with the LINX Group? Download our customer success story.

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