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Noggin software platform featured in hit original UK reality TV show, 'Hunted'

Posted by The Brain on Feb 11, 2016 11:57:26 AM

Touted as the “first ever factual thriller on British television1,” Hunted, a ShineTV reality programme, chronicles the journey of 14 ordinary Brits, given £450 and told to vanish. The goal: evade capture for 28 days.

Investigators from Hunted. Photo: Channel 4

Not an easy task as the finest investigators from British law enforcement, military intelligence, cyber analysis, online profiling, and human tracking were selected to hunt the fugitives down using cutting-edge technology (cue the Noggin software platform) to track their every move.

Noggin’s software platform was selected as one of the tools utilised by experts on the show, showcasing its case management, information feed and geolocation functionality on both desktop and mobile versions of the software.

The Noggin software platform was used to collect and track information about the fugitives, everything from monitoring their social media feeds to pulling in CCTV, ANPR, banking information, and last known location. Additionally, Noggin Dashboards were used to provide total situational awareness for the investigators so they could easily access all known information about each fugitive in one place, with maps, charts, tables and logs painting the full picture.

Hunted originally aired on Channel 4 and averaged 2.2M viewers per episode, as a result the show has been renewed for a second season airing in 20162. Watch episodes, exclusive interviews and more here.

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