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Noggin to Work with Deloitte Australia to Help Organizations Plan, Practice, and Prepare for Crisis

Posted by The Brain on Jul 20, 2018 3:07:24 AM


On the heels of our Noggin Crisis app launch, we have more good news. Noggin is thrilled to announce that we are working with Deloitte Australia, one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, to help organizations plan, practice, and prepare for crisis.

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The newly-announced relationship also coincides with the release of Deloitte’s 2018 crisis management survey, Stronger, fitter, better: Crisis management for the resilient enterprise. The global survey of senior executives in crisis management, business continuity, and risk presents troubling findings about the level of crisis preparedness of some of the world’s largest organizations, making today’s announcement especially relevant.

The survey findings, which build on similar discoveries from Deloitte’s 2015 crisis management study, A crisis of confidence, show a rise in the number of crises crisis management leaders believe they face today versus ten years ago. But despite facing more crises, crisis leaders, as concludes the survey, overestimate their capabilities to respond, by not simulating/testing preparedness.

“From experience we know that it’s the ability to test, rehearse and simulate crises that ensure organisations are ready to respond with skilled leadership and plans that work,” remarks Tony Morris, Deloitte Australia crisis management leader.

As such, the Noggin-Deloitte Australia relationship comes at a felicitous time for the market. The current Noggin OCA platform is currently used by governments in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the U.S., and U.K., as well as corporations around the world requiring emergency response, security, safety, crisis management, business continuity, risk, and case management. Noggin Crisis, the first application on the next-generation Noggin platform, focuses exclusively on crisis and critical issues management. The app is designed specifically for crisis management teams that want to start small and increase their level of crisis management maturity.

Morris continues: “Given the need to improve detection and early warning systems, to invest more effort in prevention, and do more to identify potential crisis scenarios, we believe Noggin will be very useful in both responding to crisis and conducting simulation exercises by collecting data on the organisation, and pointing to which teams are available, where, and when.”

Our CEO, James Boddam-Whetham, concurs: “The Noggin technology platform enables leadership teams to intervene earlier to prevent crisis situations before they develop, collaborate more effectively when they do occur, make vital decisions, with the best information, and ultimately minimize the impact of any adverse event. The crisis may be internal or external, or triggered by an incident such as a cyber-attack, data loss, supply chain or natural catastrophe, or an issue like a global technology platform failure or poor conduct.

Boddam-Whetham continues: “The exciting element of this app is that it is not just reactive, responding to sudden, physical event type crises, but can also help the Board and senior leadership team deal with issue management as well as sudden crisis style events.

“Very shortly, we’ll also have a unique premium feature, which allows users to deploy crisis playbooks and plans, thereby ensuring that teams are prepared and exercising their plans. We’re looking forward to the imminent release of this playbooks and plans feature, which will take social crisis planning to a whole new level. We think this feature resonates strongly with some of the key insights in Deloitte’s survey.”

Read the full story on our relationship with Deloitte Australia.




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