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Partnering with Noggin in a Triple-Win Approach

Posted by Gunnar Habitz on May 23, 2019 7:09:17 AM
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Managing safety risks, ensuring protective security, preventing and responding to emergencies and crises, they’re are all huge tasks for organisations. After all, knowing the steps to take to develop effective risk management plans isn’t in the DNA of most companies.

That’s where partners like you come in, whether you’re providing consulting services, thought leadership, or integration capabilities. Analysing gaps and offering a path towards compliance with business continuity or work health and safety standards set the stage for proper response planning.

But that’s not enough. Once those plans are completed, customers don’t have a software solution to digitise those plans as a tool. The solution: pairing your services with our battle-tested, integrated, safety and security technology to help your clients manage disruption, smarter.

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Combining your experience with ours, the Noggin Partner Program provides easy-to-use tools, ensuring partners and their clients gain. We call this triangular approach a “Triple Win,” because it’s mutually beneficial. And your clients gain as well: your consulting expertise plus the technology solutions to put that advisory work into practice faster. Specifically, here’s what our Program entails:

  • Insight to serve your needs
  • Enablement tools for you to add value with clients
  • Thought leadership on all aspects of risk management to better educate your prospects

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes. But these are the three key partner categories:

  • Technology partners integrate their solutions into Noggin, via our open system approach, which helps customers adopt the solution into their ecosystem. Currently, we have more than three dozen integrations, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Geographic Information System (GIS) market leader, Esri, and intelligent communications platform provider, xMatters.
  • Consulting partners help their clients with competent advisory expertise in various risk categories and with project management work to prepare and execute the implementation of integrated technology solutions. Often specialised in vertical segments, many consultancies combine their change management competency with local proximity, especially to serve smaller and mid-sized organisations.
  • Service partners provide various IT solutions tailored to their customers’ needs using their system integration capabilities, including experienced project managers and business analysts who help deliver successful implementations. Those channel partners are experts on the technical side, including Disaster Recovery. But they are looking for robust business continuity process implementations beyond IT; and that’s where Noggin comes in.

So how does the Noggin Partner Program work? The pathway to a successful partnership begins with mutual discovery. We want to learn about you, your business, services, and clients. Learning about your clients’ unique challenges, in particular, is the starting point to a common engagement.

From there, we run a dedicated training session, sharing how partners consult and integrate with Noggin.

At this point, your end-customers usually test the software for a short trial period. Based on your defined scope and adopted plans, you will demo the platform with pre-prepared scenarios. To help, we offer authorised partners a sandbox environment of the Noggin Core solution. In addition, access to pre-sales material and Noggin specialists bring you and your clients up to speed quickly.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what Noggin partner, Tony Morris of Deloitte has to say: “Given the need to improve detection and early warning systems, we believe Noggin will be very useful in both responding to crises and conducting simulation exercises.”

For more info about partnering with Noggin, download this overview guide.

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