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Safety Regulators Are Releasing New Safety Guidelines: Will your safety software keep up?

Posted by The Brain on Apr 7, 2020 4:11:02 PM

The COVID-19 public health crisis is rapidly changing the way we do work. And safety regulators aren’t staying on the sidelines.

As major shifts occur in the workplace, safety regulators are issuing new recommendations and descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. For PCBUs, the question remains, though: will your health and safety software adjust to the changes?

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Well, safety management isn’t easy in the best of times – and these aren’t the best of times. Simply ensuring continuing compliance with evolving environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations is a persistent business challenge for safety managers. Another major stressor: addressing concern over the risk of an adverse event like COVID-19 and reducing the risk of noncompliance, as safety regulators issue new guidance.

EHS software should help. But not every solution is equipped. Here are just some capabilities you will need from your software solution in order to get through the COVID-19, while managing all other aspects of workplace health and safety.

For starters, finding the right balance between risk and incident management in an integrated solution comes to mind. How much risk is too much risk? Workplace safety risk management is all about identifying, evaluating, and determining the safety risks an organization is exposed to and coming up with policies, processes, and procedures to control those identified hazards – now risks are increasing exponentially as safety managers are on the hook for securing remote workplaces. How should your safety software respond?

To make the process manageable, workplace safety software systems must help, providing functionality to make risk assessment, treatment, and reporting easier. Here, hazard workflows are vital.

What’s more, the need for comprehensive investigation often comes out of a thorough risk assessment. Safety management software should facilitate, initiating and tracking investigations. Pre-configured investigation workflows will further expedite the process. The same logic also applies to managing safety assurance activities, like audits, inspections, non-conformances, and other actions.

Risk management is important. But what happens when safety risks become full-blown safety incidents – say a once-in-a-generation pandemic? In that likely circumstance, safety incident functionality (for the reporting and management of all environmental, health and safety events) has to be integrated into the same flexible solution.

Additionally, team collaboration during a response drives efficiency and increases speed; as does automating and leading people through procedures via fully-configurable workflows. Facilitate better team collaboration during a safety incident with in-built communications for email, SMS, broadcasts, alerts, reminders, and app notifications.

Remember, teams don’t just need to communicate with each other during an incident. They also need to know where the incident is taking place; safety incidents have a geospatial component, after all. Sadly, though, not all safety management software solutions come equipped with mapping functionality. In order to visualize the locations of incidents, hazards, people, and assets, however, you will need fully-integrated mapping functionality in your safety management solution.

Finally, your company plays a key role in protecting its worker’s health and safety, even as it transitions to remote working. An end-to-end solution might not be the ticket right now. But if you need help responding to the COVID-19 threat, so as to protect people and operations, you’ve still come to the right place. Why’s that? Well, in order to support our customers and the broader community, we've developed COVID-19 Response Modules for Businesses and Healthcare. And they’re free to use. Just access them, here:

Request Access to the COVID-19 Response Module

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