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What Emergency Managers Need to Know about ISO 22320

Posted by The Brain on Oct 17, 2019 4:40:43 AM


Been involved in large-scale disaster response? Then, you know all about the unique challenges of interagency operations, from delays in getting assistance and rescue underway to lack of clarity in command and control structures once on the ground, plus variable decision making throughout.

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What happened at the Noggin User Conference 2019

Posted by The Brain on Sep 20, 2019 6:30:43 AM


As many of you know, we decided, after a short sabbatical, to revive our User Conference initiative, so as to share best practices in safety and security management that we’ve learned over time, best practices which have also informed the development of our next-generation product, Noggin 2.0.

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Resources and Capabilities Go Hand in Hand in Emergency Response

Posted by The Brain on Sep 5, 2019 7:13:04 AM


During an incident, emergency managers need to deploy materials, supplies, technologies, and people to the emergency site as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, getting resources to the right place at the right time is only half the battle.

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Join Noggin at AFAC19

Posted by The Brain on Aug 22, 2019 7:21:29 AM


Australasia’s largest, most comprehensive emergency management conference and exhibition, AFAC19, is right around the corner, hosted by the likes of Country Fire Authority, Emergency Management Victoria, Forest Fire Management Victoria – Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, Parks Victoria, and Victoria State Emergency Service.

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Understanding the Benefits of a Virtual Emergency Operations Center

Posted by The Brain on Aug 7, 2019 2:22:48 AM


The value of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a physical (or mobile) hub where Emergency and Incident Management teams coordinate information and resources during low-frequency, high-risk incidents, is pretty clear. The EOC supports incident management activities, up to and including on-scene operations.

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Join Noggin at the AAAE International Airport Emergency Management Conference

Posted by The Brain on Jul 12, 2019 3:12:32 AM


Airports have never been busier. But luckily, thanks to the professionalism of airport operators, traffic flows smoothly; passengers get processed efficiently; and the planes themselves come and go.

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Topics: Emergency Management, Airports

Join Noggin at the 2019 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference

Posted by The Brain on Jun 5, 2019 7:59:00 AM


The case for interoperability, especially the efficient transfer of relevant data between agencies, couldn’t be clearer. For one, any number of after-action reports have cited a lack of interagency cooperation as contributing to mission setbacks, even historic failures. 

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Major-Event Emergency Action Planning: What you need to know

Posted by The Brain on Apr 3, 2019 3:02:23 AM


From profits to press to badly-need infrastructure projects, major events can bring any number of lasting benefits to organizers and host sites. Conversely, the risks of running a major event are acute and variegated. So too are the penalties for botching it: public opprobrium, reputational damage, possibly even legal challenge and regulatory blowback. For organizers, effective all-hazards planning is the only solution to help mitigate topline risk and keep attendees safe. But with so many variables involved in major-event management, it’s easy to ask, how to get started?

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Topics: Emergency Management, Public Safety, Security Management

Noggin Breakfast Seminars Come to Brisbane, Perth, and Wellington

Posted by The Brain on Mar 27, 2019 3:43:24 AM


A run-through of what happened

How prepared are organizations to tackle critical issues and major crises? That’s the question we at Noggin and our partner Deloitte have been posing to invited guests in our inaugural series of breakfast seminars, exploring the theme of overconfidence and crisis preparedness.

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The Healthcare Response to the Christchurch Shootings: What other healthcare agencies can learn

Posted by The Brain on Mar 22, 2019 7:50:38 AM


Last Friday’s (March 15) horrific attacks at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch already rank as the deadliest mass shooting incident in New Zealand history. Fifty people were killed, and scores injured in an act of terror unprecedented in the island nation.   

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