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What is Operational Resilience? And why are industry regulators interested?

Posted by The Brain on Apr 6, 2021 2:11:19 PM

So, what is operational resilience?

At its most basic, operational resilience is simply your business’ ability to adapt to (remain resilient during) times of uncertainty and stress.

Operational resilience initiatives expand upon the traditional complement of business continuity management programs, focusing on the impacts, connected risk appetite, and tolerance levels for disruption of product or service delivery to internal and external stakeholders. Sounds pretty prosaic when you put it like that. So, why are regulators interested? 

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The Case for Version Control in Enterprise Resilience Software

Posted by The Brain on Jan 9, 2018 6:46:49 AM

Somewhere between “Draft 2” and “Draft 73,” it can be easy to lose control over your all-important report. It can happen as a result of having many hands in the cookie jar: multiple edits, deletions, insertions or course-corrections.

Without a proper version control system in place, and the right tools to help you keep track of changes to a document, you’ll get lost in the Bermuda Triangle of document management, potentially spending more time trying to tell the documents apart than was spent to create the original in the first place.

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