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Kickstart Your Contractor Relationship Management Program In These Easy Steps

Posted by The Brain on Nov 13, 2019 10:34:49 AM

The modern workforce is changing and changing fast. Nowadays, most firms – from industry incumbents to plucky startups – employ third-party contractors to perform essential business tasks.

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With Legacy Wastes back in the News, How Can PCBUs Confront the Key Challenges of Hazardous Waste Management?

Posted by The Brain on Oct 10, 2019 5:40:43 AM


The story is well known. Hazardous substances were long bedrocks of the industrialized, global economy. But subsequent advances in environmental and health science caused a reevaluation of the use of hazardous waste in industry. In turn, governments installed thoroughgoing regulatory regimes to safeguard the health of workers, especially in heavy industry.

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Topics: Work Health Safety, Safety Management, Safety Newsletter

Meet Noggin: all-hazards enterprise resilience software.

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The Noggin software suite provides flexible information management solutions capable of managing all hazards across a wide range of industries, from the smallest complaint to a multi-national emergency. We help organizations handle all hazards, all media, all devices, all processes - in one suite of software products. Organizations across the world rely on Noggin to help them manage disruptive events more effectively and protect the bottom line for their communities and businesses.

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