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The Work Safety Advantages of ISO 45001

Posted by The Brain on Sep 9, 2020 8:42:07 AM

It’s been a couple years since work health and safety management system standards got a global upgrade. In 2018, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 45001 came out, replacing British certification, OHSAS 18001, as the best-practice standard.

Plenty of compliance conscious PCBUs didn’t make the move then. But the British standard is only valid until the end of March 2021, meaning now is the time to upgrade. What are the other safety advantages of ISO 45001?

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Why the COVID-19 Crisis Has Made Lone-Workers More Difficult to Protect

Posted by The Brain on Aug 11, 2020 4:40:04 PM

The imperatives of social distancing during the pandemic have created unprecedented changes to work. Foremost among them: the increased need for people to work alone or in remote arrangements.

For PCBUs (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking), more people working alone mean more lone workers in need of a new class of safety protections, documented internal policies to keep this high-risk occupational group out of harm’s way. How to go about mitigating the risk so you don’t incur the liability?

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Returning to Work in a New Era for Workplace Health and Safety

Posted by The Brain on Jul 7, 2020 2:39:29 PM

PCBUs (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking) in the Australian state of New South Wales woke up this month to a more aggressive safety compliance regime.

Amendments to pre-existing safety law now put employers who fail to meet health and safety obligations on the hook for stiff new penalties should their negligence lead to a worker dying on the job. Those penalties include up to 25 years in prison for individual actors. Add to that, millions in fines for companies.

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Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Strategies When Planning for a Safe Return to Work

Posted by The Brain on Jun 9, 2020 11:41:45 AM

For many organizations whose physical operations were forced to close due to COVID-19-induced lockdowns, reopening day is coming soon. Indeed, employers are busy planning for a safe reopening as the day approaches.

While planning matters, it’s the quality of those plans that will determine whether a safe reopening is possible. And as it turns out, too many organizations follow one-size-fits-all strategies that can actually compromise the safety of returning employees, imperiling business recovery from the crisis. How, exactly?

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Overcoming the Safety Risk of Back to Work in the Age of COVID-19

Posted by The Brain on May 12, 2020 4:43:04 PM

After months of disruption, organizations are eager to return to normal as part of the recovery lifecycle. For many, that means resuming operations in work facilities vacated due to local, state, and national lockdown orders.

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Safety Regulators Are Releasing New Safety Guidelines: Will your safety software keep up?

Posted by The Brain on Apr 7, 2020 4:11:02 PM

The COVID-19 public health crisis is rapidly changing the way we do work. And safety regulators aren’t staying on the sidelines.

As major shifts occur in the workplace, safety regulators are issuing new recommendations and descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. For PCBUs, the question remains, though: will your safety software adjust to the changes?

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Planning to Maintain Duty of Care during a Public Health Crisis

Posted by The Brain on Mar 12, 2020 4:03:30 AM


With a surge of coronavirus cases around the world, new reports of workplace closures due to fear of exposure are emerging outside of coronavirus-epicenter, China, and outbreak hotspots like Hong Kong, South Korea, and Italy.

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Key Factors to Consider for Lone-Worker Safety Risk Mitigation

Posted by The Brain on Feb 13, 2020 5:37:12 AM


Hiring employees to perform remote and isolated work often helps businesses improve their productivity. But lone work isn’t without operational risk. For one, managing the safety risk to lone worker populations is part and parcel of a PCBU’s (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) duty of care obligation.

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Key Elements for Building a Crisis Management Capability

Posted by The Brain on Feb 5, 2020 5:18:11 AM

As crises grow in kind and intensity, organizations need to take an intelligence-gathering and constant-monitoring approach to building their crisis management competency. This largely cyclical mode of lifecycle crisis management tends to be more strategy-oriented than the tactics-first approach implicit in the popular pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis models. For instance, the British crisis management standard, BS 11200, adopts a fairly cyclical framework that includes the following stages:

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From Where Will the Safety and Security Threats Come in 2020?

Posted by The Brain on Jan 29, 2020 9:07:05 AM


When it came to major safety and security threats, 2019 was one for the record books. Unfortunately, 2020 is shaping up to be no better, giving conclusive proof to firms – if they needed it – that it’s well past time to seriously consider from where top threats will come for your organization this year.

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