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What Are the NDIS Incident Management System Requirements?

Posted by The Brain on Apr 13, 2021 4:14:13 PM

Different jurisdictions take different approaches to regulating the disability services space. Australia, for one, transitioned from block funding to a nationalised disability insurance scheme, the NDIS. And new NDIS rules now require individual providers to implement an incident management system. What are the specific NDIS incident management system requirements?

MKT-550 - Safety Newsletter - 14 April 2021-01NDIS incident management system requirements at a glance

First of all, the required incident management system is meant to ensure providers, key personnel, and workers are all aware of their responsibilities as they relate to incidents with persons with disability, their families, carers, advocates, and others who are aware of their rights and the support and protections available to them.

That provision matters. Indeed, the previous model suffered from lapses in the kind of systematic data collection needed to assess the extent of abuse and neglect against people with disability. In setting up the new scheme, policymakers wanted to do things differently.

What exactly? Now, NDIS incident management system requirements compel providers to have an incident management system appropriate to their size and type of supports and services provided.

Here, the minimum requirement is an incident management system that records details of incidents and the provider’s response to those incidents.

That’s not all. Providers must use that data to prevent subsequent incidents from happening as well as improve practices and support the capacity of their workers to respond quickly and appropriately to incidents when they do occur.

What incidents fall under the scope of NDIS incident management system requirements

Now, we get into the question of what incidents should the incident management system track. NDIS rules also provide detailed guidance to that effect. What’s covered in the NDIS incident management system requirements:

  • Acts, omissions, events, or circumstances that occur in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to a person with disability and have, or could have, caused harm to the person with disability
  • Acts by a person with disability that occur in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to the person with disability and which have caused serious harm, or a risk of serious harm, to another person
  • Reportable incidents that have or are alleged to have occurred in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to a person with disability

NDIS incident management system requirements also clarify which incidents must be reported and when. Here, the rules state that reportable incidents include any of the following:

  • Death of a person with disability
  • Serious injury of a person with disability
  • Abuse or neglect of a person with disability
  • Unlawful sexual or physical contact with, or assault of, a person with disability
  • Sexual misconduct committed against, or in the presence of, a person with disability, including grooming of the person for sexual activity
  • Use of a restrictive practice in relation to a person with disability, other than where the use is in accordance with an authorisation (however described) of a State or Territory in relation to the person

What’s more, reportable incidents don’t just cover incidents that have occurred. They also include allegations.

The NDIS incident management system requirements aren’t just about notifying the NDIS Commission about reportable incidents taking place, either. Providers need to have a suitable incident management system, with the requisite reporting workflows to investigate and manage the reportable incident, as well.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NDIS reporting rules. To find out more, download our free Guide to Complying with NDIS Incident Management Reporting Requirements:

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