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What to expect at the Noggin User Conference 2019: A Q&A with Noggin CEO, James Boddam-Whetham

Posted by The Brain on May 10, 2019 3:39:17 AM



First of all, what is the Noggin User Conference 2019? And why did you decide to throw it?

The Noggin User Conference 2019 is a two-day customer focused event that we’ll be hosting this September in Sydney. The conference will bring together around 500 or so people; and we’ll be discussing insights and best practices from industry thought leaders, as well as demoing our soon-to-be released Noggin 2.0 platform.

We decided to put on a user conference for a couple of reasons. For one, we consider our customers our greatest resource, so we see the conference as a great way to give back, by arming them with great insights from leading-edge companies and experts in the space.

We’re also really proud of the work we’ve done to bring Noggin 2.0 to the market. When it’s out, there’ll be nothing else quite like it, so we want to showcase the platform, as well as provide training opportunities.

So besides existing Noggin customers, who else should attend?

Everyone. [Laughs]

Really. Anyone who’s looking to gain new skills, hear from incident management experts, and demo the latest tech should attend, especially if they’re in the education, retail, finance, aviation, utilities, or public safety spaces.

What, then, should attendees expect?

They should expect to learn a lot, since we’ve got a pretty packed, customer-focused agenda, which is now live on our Noggin User Conference 2019 website. 

For starters, I’ll be on hand to break down current trends, risks, and drivers in the space, as well as speculate on the next big thing in the industry.

We’re thrilled that a number of our customers like Woolworths, AGL Energy, and the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services will be providing spotlight sessions on how they’ve used our solution to solve their key business challenges.

Also, we’ve rounded up experts to participate in panel discussions about the state of play in their respective industries, including security, crisis, and business continuity management.

We’ll be unveiling our product roadmap. That way customers know what to expect from Noggin in the next 12 months. And our Product team will also be offering a number of deep-dive sessions into key features and benefits.

Our trainers will be there, too. They’ll be running customers through several mini-boot camps, so that those customers can get the most out of the solution sooner.

And interested partners are welcome, as well. We'll be overviewing our Partnership program, so future partners can learn the benefits of becoming a Noggin partner.

Sounds like a lot. Where can attendees get more information?

All conference details are available on the conference website. We’ll also be updating followers on LinkedIn and Twitter; so if you’re not already following us on social media, make sure you start.

Finally, what are you most looking forward towards?

There’re going to be a lot of great sessions, including our customer spotlights. But I’m really looking forward to the dinner and awards.

Dinner and awards?

Yeah, we thought it would be cool to throw a gala dinner and give out some awards. The awards, which we’re calling the Noggies™, will go to our great customers for some of the achievements they’ve made in incident management. Some of the awards categories include biggest impact on the community, biggest ROI, most significant business transformation, etc. Stay tuned for more details.

Thank you.



Here's a great teaser video of what's in store for Conference attendees. 



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