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Why Crisis Management Planning Isn’t Enough

Posted by The Brain on Sep 12, 2018 7:59:10 AM


Businesses aren’t playing around, waiting for crisis. At least, not any more. As the crisis threat grows in kind and intensity, organizations in all major industries have taken notice. Now, some 80 percent of business leaders believe that their organizations are only a year away from a potential crisis. 

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And those businesses are planning accordingly. The vast majority of them, some 84 percent of businesses, now have crisis management plans in place.

Having planned, organizations show a high degree of confidence in their overall level of preparation. That’s only natural. A full 90 percent of businesses are confident in their ability to deal with corporate scandal. But is that self-belief warranted? 

Sure, crisis management planning is a critical first step to crisis preparedness. However, it’s not the whole thing – by no stretch of the imagination. Just developing a crisis plan doesn’t adequately prepare you for crisis. And that so many companies think it does is a (potentially) fatal blind spot in their crisis management efforts.

So here’s the scoop: implementing a comprehensive crisis management plan is only half the battle. To be considered remotely prepared for crisis, you’ll still need to run robust, company-wide simulations, lasting anywhere between four to six hours per scenario.

Are companies doing that? The numbers tell a pretty grim story.

Remember how 90 percent of organizations were confident in their ability to deal with a corporate scandal? Only 17 percent of them have actually performed crisis simulations in the last three years. And according to a new Deloitte survey, companies aren’t doing much better to prepare themselves for other common crisis scenarios.

So why is testing your crisis management plan such a panacea? Well, not exactly a panacea, but crisis simulations do provide invaluable trial and error learnings (in a relatively controlled setting) for employees, who’re often the “first responders” to corporate crisis. This training helps to ensure that all workers, not just Crisis Managers, are comfortable performing the tasks assigned to them and even going off-script as the situation demands.

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