Cajun Navy Relief Improves Disaster Preparedness, Deploys Noggin OCA During Inaugural Search and Rescue Games 

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A Louisiana-based, grassroots rescue effort, Cajun Navy Relief has been at the forefront of response to some of the nation’s most devastating natural disasters in recent years. Though the 2016 Great Flood in Louisiana helped introduce the volunteer organization to the public eye, relief efforts undertaken in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Harvey really brought the group to national prominence.
It was then, in fact, that Cajun Navy came into contact with Noggin. And we were able to stand up a simplified version of our fully-integrated emergency management software system.
Cajun Navy Relief would use the platform to great effect for many of its Harvey operations. That’s why six months later, in early 2018, with the Atlantic hurricane season fast approaching, Cajun Navy Relief reached out again. The guys would be conducting their first-ever, simulated search and rescue operation. Find out what happened next.