Cajun Navy Relief Tackles Hurricane Harvey Response with Modern, Mobile Technology

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Amidst the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a tradition of homegrown, all-volunteer boat rescue, unique to the low-lying Gulf States, resurfaced. At that time, Louisiana locals began to call themselves the Cajun Navy, constituting an informal, all-volunteer armada without affiliation to the much-maligned governmental response. After Katrina, the Cajun Navy would remain docked. But a decade later, the Navy sailed again. 
The catastrophic flooding of the 2016 Great Flood elicited a new call to arms, reviving Cajun Navy Relief, one of the more formalized of the volunteer groups. The grassroots rescue effort provided much-needed back up to official first responders, who were inundated with emergency calls.
A year later, when Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, Cajun Navy Relief received its sternest test, yet. For these rescue efforts, Cajun Navy Relief would have to lean hard on advanced mobile technologies. Read on to find out who was there to help.