A Guide to Capability Management in Volunteer Disaster and Emergency Response

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When it comes to volunteer disaster and emergency response, effectively managing resources couldn’t be more important. Your resources-be they materials, supplies, facilities, technologies, even people-are assets in every sense of the word. But they don’t get the job done alone. That’s where capabilities come in.
The main purpose of a capability-a set of differentiated skills, complementary assets, and routines-is to maximize the productivity of a resource. And that makes capability management one of the most important incident management functions there is. However, as veteran emergency managers will attest, accurately monitoring and keeping constant tabs on capabilities is far from easy. Doubly so in the volunteer disaster context. 
So if you’re looking to overcome those key, structural challenges to effective capability management, you’ve come to the right place. To help you optimize the people, capability, and credentialing function at your organization, we’ve created a handy guide to capability management in volunteer disaster and emergency response. 
The guide:
• Explains the value of capability management
• Addresses key challenges to effective capability management
• Lists success factors and best practices for effective capability management
• Provides a buyer’s guide for technology to improve your capability management outcomes