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Noggin OCA       &       Noggin v2.0

Noggin's software provides all of the tools needed to manage any type of disruption. From crisis management, to work safety, risk management, intel & case management, emergency management and more - Noggin is your one-stop-shop for enterprise resilience. 

Noggin | OCA Platform Features

All-hazards, incident management platform to manage all risk, health & safety related incidents at the Enterprise level.

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  Alerts Incident Manager Risk
Communications: SMS, email, fax, voice, conference, Social Media, CAP Channels      
Contact & Capability Management      
Mobile Tracking      
Resource Management, Assistance Requests & Rostering      
Incident Management & Reporting      
Asset Management      
Case Management: Assessments, Investigations, Exhibit Management & Legal Processes      
Logging and Damage Assesments      
Planning & Business Impact Assesments      
Risk Matrices      
Risk Assessments      
Control Libraries      
Risk Audit Trail      
Work, Health & Safety Management      
Integrated Workflow Builder      
Configurable Graphical User Interface      
Flexible Hosting & Delivery Options      
Open API & Integration Tools: single sign on, enterprise HR, Assets, Finance, incident systems, communications, CAD, alarm monitoring      
Mobile Applications: iOS. Android, Windows Mobile      
Public Forms: Create, publish & consume information via mobile & desktop forms. Best practice forms come standard      



Noggin Crisis

Noggin | Crisis Features

Critical issues and crisis management for teams.

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Secure Channels for each crisis  
Chat rooms for quick communication  
Quick response monitoring  
Impact and trend indicators  
Stand up crisis teams instantly  
Duration and resolution timers  
Access critical documents  
Integrated social media analytics