An Integrated Safety & Security Management Software Buyer’s Guide for Facilities Managers

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Heightened safety and security risk threaten the built environment

Safety and security management ranks high on the list of top facility maintenance challenges, especially in facilities- heavy sectors like retail and property services. It’s easy to see why. The safety and security risk picture has only worsened over time.

How do we know? Well, facilities management, corporate security, employee safety, physical plant security, IT security, and business continuity management leaders have told us. A staggering 70 percent of them contend that workplace risk is on the rise.

No surprise, there. Like few other business units, facilities management understands the unintended risks associated with the mobilization of the modern workforce, not just the rise in remote work arrangements, but also the unprecedented number of mobile devices that organizations must now secure against loss or theft. For reference: 14 percent of officials now manage 5,000 or more mobile devices. Nor has the safety and security risk to the traditional built environment decreased appreciably. Facilities and other infrastructural assets remain some of the easiest targets for malicious actors – facilities tend to be of dramatically larger scale than most other corporate assets, creating a larger physical environment to secure.

What’s surprising, though, is the admission by senior facilities officials that their respective organizations are unprepared to deal with the risk picture as it is, a profile which includes increasingly common safety and security threats like workplace violence, environmental incidents, and active shooter incidents.

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