Integrated Safety, Security & Crisis Management Technology: A purchaser’s guide for schools

Best Practice Guide

The education sector faces escalating safety, security, and reputational threats

From mishaps on excursions to headline-generating sex abuse scandals, schools face a battery of safety, security, and reputational risks. And those clear and present threats leave schools readily exposed to community censure, legal liability, and even regulatory sanction. What, then, can schools and districts do to keep staff and students safe, while complying with legal mandates?

For one, teachers, schools, and districts will have to start tackling identified threats in a more integrated fashion. Luckily, advanced technology can help. Specifically, integrated safety, security, and crisis management technology purpose-built for schools, districts, and their users enables stakeholders in the sector to conduct varied activities in a uniform, consistent manner, an approach that continually protects all elements of the school and district from internal and external threats.

In the market for such a solution? This integrated safety, security, and crisis management software buyer’s guide details the precise software capabilities that schools and districts should be on the look for.

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