Case Management

  Manage all aspects of the case management cycle – assessments, investigations, exhibit management & legal processes
Complete case management solution with flexible interrelated modules including: complaints and notifications, case review and endorsement management, investigations and interactions, evidence and exhibits
  Integrated solution provides operational support including requests & approvals, summons management and other legal issues, intelligence requesting and reporting

Full-featured information management platform that allows information of all file types including MS Office, Outlook, mobile and video cameras as well as purpose built web forms
  Easily integrates with other systems including TRIM Records Management and SharePoint
Client and case centric management system to provide visibility and central access to all information regarding complaints and notifications in question
  Provides immediate access to complete case history, company relationships, and more for complaints and notifications in question
Workflows on steroids – powerful workflows support automation of even the most tedious case management processes
  Forms Designer allows flexibility in the way information is captured. Present and collect exactly the information you need when you need it
One system, many uses – investigation management, audit management, feedback & complaint management, task & request management, document management, asset management, CAPA, environmental management, health & safety management, claim management and more