Keep It Simple Stupid in Crisis:
Understanding the effects of stress in crisis decision making 

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If you’re working in crisis, then you know firsthand all about the ill effects stress has on your decision-making capabilities. Think your powerless to cope? Well, maybe someone’s told you to “keep it stupid simple.”
Not just a design concept, the “keep it simple, stupid” principle, or KISS, applies to crisis decision making as well. Just think about it – in crisis, we’d rather not deal with too many extra details when making a decision. 
Still not sure how to focus your scope of vision while still making effective decisions? Don’t worry. We’ve created a handy guide to understanding the effects of stress in crisis decision making, which gives you strategies to improve your decision-making capabilities.
What’s included: 
• Applying design principles to crisis
• How stress affects decision making at every stage 
• How to improve decision making under stress
• How technology can help