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The Noggin Platform

The world's leading integrated resilience workspace for risk and business continuity management, operational resilience, incident & crisis management, and security & safety operations.

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The world’s leading platform for integrated safety & security management.

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Software for Security Management

Security Management Solutions: Asset Management

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Security Management Software
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Security Management Software

Track all your assets from your vehicle fleet, fixed or mobile plant and equipment though to your critical infrastructure using our range of tools. Plan maintenance ahead of time and by collecting lead indicator data from checklists and assessments on any mobile device, then enable users to update the status of your assets to track utilization, share documentation and report issues.

Asset Management

Manage all of your fixed and mobile security assets in a single platform where you can automate processes with intelligent workflows and generate insights using real time analytics to help you keep your assets safe while optimizing their utilization.

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Security Management Software

Work Order Management

Easily manage work order allocation and completion based on your unique organizational requirements by enabling personnel to raise orders, relate them to your organization structure, manage the tasks and costs associated with the work, and track progress to close out.

Planned Maintenance

Take a proactive approach to asset management by planning your maintenance activities ahead of time with reoccurring maintenance schedules that keep your assets in a safe an operable condition.

Asset Status Tracking

Easily maintain all your assets in a central register so that you can visualize the status of your assets in real time, forecast equipment availability in the future, and understand utilization patterns so that you can optimize your fleet over time.

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Learn more about Noggin’s Software Products:

Emergency Management emergency Management

Emergency Management software to manage all aspects of the emergency management lifecycle of preparation, planning, response & recovery as well as business-as-usual operations.

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Work Safety Work Safety

Work Health and safety software to manage end-to-end safety processes. Keep staff safe, manage risks, reduce lost time induries, and continuously improve your process.

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Business Continuity business continuity

Business continuity software to help effectively assess business risks and impacts, coordinate reponses to disruptions, and manage incidents, from the smallest situation through to a major crisis.

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Security Management Security Management

Secuirty software to manage all aspects of operational security from anywhere, enabling your security teams to reduce risks and incidents while keeping your people and assets safe.

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Crisis Management Crisis management

End-to-end crisis management software designed to help crisis & business continuity teams collaborate, track their incidents and keep stakeholders updated.

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What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for

Manage any incident, big or small with the world’s leading integrated platform for crisis & emergency management, work safety, business continuity, & operational security.

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What are you waiting for

What are you waiting for?

Manage any incident, big or small with the world’s leading integrated platform for crisis & emergency management, work safety, business continuity, & operational security.