Integrated security management software for physical security operations.

Meet Noggin Security, the next-generation security management software solution. Designed to provide all of the information and tools needed to effectively manage all security incidents, threats, and operations. Noggin Security enables your team to reduce risks and incidents while keeping your people and assets safe.

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All of the features and functionality of Noggin Core, plus: 

Laptop, mobile device, and server connected by a line.

Report and manage all security incidents, major events, risks and operations in a single flexible platform

Moile device with a medical cross on the screen.

Task and dispatch security staff to respond to any event

Checkbox with a check and a checkbox with an x in it.

Conduct facility and event risk and threat assessments, and track security controls and risk mitigation actions

Magnifying glass.

Initiate and track investigations, persons of interest, capture evidence and logs, related actions, and follow best-practice standard methodologies

Checkboxes with checks next to a secruity shield.

Manage security assurance activities such as alarm tests, door checks, audits and inspections

File folder with two documents coming out of it.

Easily capture rich logs for patrols, shift-changes, parking infringements, lost and found property, security escorts and other security activities

Clipboard with security shield in front of it.

Track and manage all your security information, key documents, tasks, checklists, and actions in one place

Map grid with map pin.

Visualize locations of incidents, risks, people, and assets using the fully integrated mapping features

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of the screen.

Increase team collaboration and efficiency using the in-built communications for email, SMS, or app notifications, broadcasts, alerts, and reminders

ID card.

Manage key details of staff, contractors, victims, witnesses, external parties, and persons of interest


Easily relate incidents, risks, and threats to your own organization structure, buildings, sites, vehicles and other assets

Group of charts and graphs.

Display key information where it is needed using flexible dashboards, analytics, and reporting that caters for all your stakeholders

Group of people next to a board.

Automate and lead people through your procedures, with fully-configurable workflows

Looking to learn how security management software can streamline your operations?

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Security Management Software: A Buyer's Guide

Bolstering the physical security of corporate assets and locations has slipped off the radar of most Boards and C-level executives. In turn, investments have dropped, leaving physical assets more vulnerable than ever.
It’s time to reprioritize corporate security by procuring robust security management technology. Only question remains: towards which security management solution should your procurement dollars go?

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Guide to Operating a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Since 9/11, everything has changed in the worlds of operational and physical security. Only problem is: some organizations haven’t kept up.
Traditional physical security threats like violence, trespassing, vandalism, etc. remain operational risks. Meanwhile, cyber security concerns converge with physical security needs.
That’s why organizations are building robust security operations centers (SOC) to keep physical assets and people safe. But how do you bring the benefits of an SOC to your business without getting saddled with the costs?

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A Brief Overview of the Australian Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018

In recent times, the Australian Parliament passed the widest-ranging, cybersecurity regulations to hit the critical infrastructure industry to date. So who’s effected by the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act and what do they need to know?
Critical electricity, gas, and water assets, as well as ports have all been singled out. Owners and operators of those assets must now provide a clear accounting of security risk to a central body. But that change only scratches the surface.

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Customer Success Story: Woolworths

It’s no overstatement to say that Woolworths is synonymous with the Australian supermarket. The mega-retailer accounts for some 80 percent of market share; its more than one thousand stores are fixtures in Australia’s (and New Zealand’s) cities, towns, and rural communities. But such thorough market domination does create operational challenges. Having so many stores means that Woolworths has to manage an incredibly complex supply chain, with extreme weather events increasing the risk of disruption. Not only that, security guards also have to monitor untold volumes of foot traffic, often traversing through public spaces.

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End-to-end security management software, built for industry:

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