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How to Develop a Crisis Plan for Back to Work

Posted by The Brain on Jun 2, 2020 4:07:21 PM

The scale of the COVID-19 disruption to what had long been normal working arrangements has been unprecedented. Take remote work: an early April 2020 MIT survey revealed that nearly a third of all workers in the U.S. who had been employed the month before were working from home, up from five percent in 2017.

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Noggin 2.0 Now Hosted in the AWS Canada (Central) Region, Ensuring Data Sovereignty for Canadian Customers

Posted by James BW on May 29, 2020 1:00:01 PM

We’re proud to announce that our Noggin 2.0 integrated safety and security platform is now available in the AWS Canada Region, in addition to other generally available Noggin 2.0 zones around the world. Launched in December 2016, the Canada Region enables AWS customers in Canada to store data locally and address regional data compliance requirements.

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Developing a Best-Practice COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan for Your Clients

Posted by The Brain on May 25, 2020 4:54:13 PM

At the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, more than 70 percent of employers admitted not having a pandemic plan in place. That glaring lack of planning suggests that your clients might not be as prepared as they think to resume normal working operations, now that the conversation has shifted to business recovery.

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What are the Physical Security Controls in ISO 27001?

Posted by The Brain on May 25, 2020 11:49:16 AM

For many organizations, COVID-19 has meant a halt to on-premise operations and the introduction of broad work-from-home policies.

Sure, that pivot has been key to business survival. But it does carry serious risk, including a greater opportunity for physical security incidents from less oversight. How to mitigate that risk with a remote, fragmented staff? Best-practice security standard, ISO 27001 offers some clues.

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Noggin Bolsters Security Credentials with Global ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Posted by James BW on May 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM

On the heels of a successful audit of its Noggin 2.0 platform under the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP), the integrated safety and security management technology provider passes another stringent security audit, designed to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information.

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How to Plan for Severe Weather Events in the Age of COVID-19

Posted by The Brain on May 18, 2020 2:06:43 PM

In the past, emergency management agencies and other organizations might have become accustomed to bleak forecasts of powerful hurricane seasons – like the one they received this year. They’ve never, however, had to prepare for an “above-normal” storm season while simultaneously fighting a “once-in-a-generation pathogen.” How can they beef up critical infrastructure resilience to respond to multiple events at once?

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Overcoming the Safety Risk of Back to Work in the Age of COVID-19

Posted by The Brain on May 12, 2020 4:43:04 PM

After months of disruption, organizations are eager to return to normal as part of the recovery lifecycle. For many, that means resuming operations in work facilities vacated due to local, state, and national lockdown orders.

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See How Noggin Partners are Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by The Brain on May 5, 2020 1:48:49 PM

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Forrester findings had shown that a full 100 percent of surveyed companies had experienced at least one critical event in the last two years – many firms faced multiple. The impacts of those critical events might now pale in comparison to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Still, the fact remains, organisations must be ready.

Your clients might be more receptive to that message than ever. The question then is: how can you help them build an end-to-end crisis competency in this moment? We have some ideas. So, do some of our partners.

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The Benefits of Business Continuity Software That Scales with Crisis

Posted by The Brain on May 5, 2020 11:49:01 AM

Early numbers from the COVID-19 response reveal long-simmering challenges in ensuring business continuity for most organizations. In one employer survey, only 37 percent of respondents said that they had the right technology in place for employees to conduct critical business operations from home in the event of an emergency. 

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Managing the Coronavirus Impact on Healthcare Supply Chains

Posted by The Brain on Apr 29, 2020 12:21:52 PM

We’ve all seen the stories. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has caused demand spikes for personal protective equipment (PPE), with healthcare workers in areas hardest hit by the spread of the virus reporting alarming shortages of PPE like masks, gowns, and shields.

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