End-to-end software for emergency & disaster management.

Meet Noggin Emergency, the next-generation emergency management software solution. Noggin Emergency provides all of the information and tools needed to effectively manage all emergencies, through the entire lifecycle of preparation, response, and recovery as well as business-as-usual operations for emergency preparedness and critical infrastructure resilience.

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All of the features and functionality of Noggin Core, plus: 

Connection between a server, mobile device, and laptop.

Manage all your emergency information, communications, plans and tasks in a single flexible platform

Security shield with three checkmarks.

Establish incident management teams, manage emergency assets and resources including credentials and certifications

Flow chart with exclamation mark.

Gather intelligence and situational awareness for each event and steady state operations

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of the screen.

Activate facilities, dispatch teams and mobilize resources, and manage resource requests and expenses

Kanban board.

Collaborate with, command and coordinate teams and resources, through plans, checklists and actions

Magnifying glass.

Assess damage and log all activities, updates, and decisions

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of the screen.

Produce reports and briefings, and communicate alerts, notifications and updates via email, SMS, voice or the Noggin app

File folder with documents coming out of it.

Manage critical infrastructure asset information and risks

Map grid with map pin.

Visualize locations of incidents, risks, people, and assets using the fully integrated mapping features

Group of people in front of a board.

Automate and lead people through your procedures, with fully-configurable workflows

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Check out these resources:

A Buyer's Guide for Emergency Management Software

Despite enormous strides in emergency and incident management technology, volunteer disaster and emergency response organizations, when queried, still acknowledge facing stark challenges – none graver than a sharp increase in the volume of emergencies agencies face individually. It’s chiefly this growth in the number and severity of emergencies – usually unaccompanied by an offsetting budgetary and/or staffing increase – that cancels out many of the positive benefits agencies hope to accrue from their advanced, emergency management software buys.

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An Integrated Approach to Resource Management

In an emergency, getting the right resources to the right place at the right time is critical. But numerous factors conspire to make effective resource management a challenge.
Taking an integrated approach, this guide tackles the key resource management challenges faced by public safety and emergency management agencies, whether responding to disasters or dealing with business-as-usual tasks.

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Achieving Interoperability in Information Management

Veteran emergency managers will tell you, nothing enhances the response effort quite like effective interagency cooperation. As a collective, cooperating partner agencies can achieve more than any one agency alone. And by pooling their resources, agencies further resource development and deployment goals, especially in a large-scale disaster situation.
The rub is: it’s just not that simple. Interoperability – the ability of first responders, emergency managers, government agencies, and other public safety organizations to work well with each other – doesn’t happen without preplanning. And that goes double for one of the most crucial vectors of interoperability, integration of information management systems.

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Cajun Navy Relief Improves Disaster Preparedness

A Louisiana-based, grassroots rescue effort, Cajun Navy Relief has been at the forefront of response to some of the nation’s most devastating natural disasters in recent years. Though the 2016 Great Flood in Louisiana helped introduce the volunteer organization to the public eye, relief efforts undertaken in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Harvey really brought the group to national prominence.
It was then, in fact, that Cajun Navy came into contact with Noggin. And we were able to stand up a simplified version of our Noggin OCA, fully-integrated emergency management software.

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