The complete business continuity software solution for better continuity of operations.

Meet Noggin Continuity, the next-generation business continuity software solution. Designed to provide all of the tools needed to effectively assess business risks and impacts, coordinate responses to disruptions, and manage incidents – from the smallest situation, to a major crisis.

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All of the features and functionality of Noggin Core, plus: 

Laptop, mobile device, and server connected with a line.

Develop libraries of prioritized activities, strategies, capabilities, business units, systems, sites and assets with the potential risks to BAU and record inter-dependencies

Line graph.

Assess the impact of disruptions across your activities, assets and sites, and implement recovery strategy plans and actions to mitigate risks, and reduce the likelihood or impact of incidents

Clipboard with a person next to it.

Allow executives visibility over the prioritized business activities to guide where they should place their team's effort

Person next to Clipboard.

Assign and track business impact analyses and risk management activities for your organizational unit owners

Clipboard with clock next to it.

Set recovery objectives for business activities and report on progress against those targets as incidents occur

A variety of charts and graphs.

Utilize business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessments to visualize and report on gaps in response process or areas for continual improvement


Digitize business continuity, crisis and incident response plans, including: strategies and considerations, roles and responsibilities, and pre-assigned checklists ready to deploy when incidents occur

Group of people next to a mobile device.

Activate crisis and incident management teams including structures, roles, capabilities required, and on-call resources

Clipboard with signature being written on it.

Run procedural reviews to ensure optimal functionality of recovery strategies and coverage of prioritized activities

Kanban board.

Review procedures and implement lessons learned and improvement and corrective actions from exercises and incidents

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of screen.

Communicate alerts, notifications and updates via email, SMS, voice or the Noggin app

A variety of charts and graphs.

Display key information where it is needed using flexible dashboards, analytics, and reporting that caters for all your stakeholders

Group of people in front of a board.

Manage key details of staff, contractors, customers, suppliers, regulators, and external parties

Looking to learn how business continuity software can streamline your operations?

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Developing an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity management today is a holistic management process for identifying potential threats to your organization and sussing out the operational impacts those hazards pose should they come to pass.
In theory, this core responsibility brings business continuity professionals in close contact with other folks from all over the business with the aim of creating a best-practice plan. In practice, though, things are usually different.

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Enterprise-wide, Risk-based Approach to Compliance Management

After severe shocks to the political system, business uncertainty and regulatory compliance are both on the rise. But it’s not just external regulations that companies have to worry about. Organizations also build their own set of internal policies and procedures to limit liability and stay competitive in the market.
Those measures can come with a significant price tag, though: $155 billion for Australian enterprises (alone) looking to administer and comply with self-imposed rules and regulations. Why are business paying such a steep price for compliance?

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Introductory Guide to Risk Management

Quite frankly, the top-line risk of business interruption has never been higher. So too: the costs of recovering from a disaster-related, facilities closure. And with a critical number of salient, cross-industry trends also exacerbating business risk across the globe, ramping up your risk management program has never been more important.
Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Effective risk management has its challenges, starting with the often-stark reality of limited resources for controlling identified risks. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Workflow Image Main400x267

How Workflow Management Enables Business Transformation

Nowadays, most of us at least have a passing acquaintance with the concept of workflow management, an increasingly core component of modern enterprise information technology. Still, with advances in workflow technology coming almost daily, there’s always more to learn – especially if you’re in the business of delivering organizational change at scale – and no better time to learn it.

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End-to-end business continuity software, built for industry:

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