WHS software for every aspect of environmental health and safety.

Meet Noggin Safety, the next-generation work safety software solution. Designed to provide all of the information and tools required to effectively manage all environmental, health and safety incidents, risks, and hazards. Noggin Safety helps your organization save time, make informed decisions while reducing risks and incidents resulting in a more effective response.

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All of the features and functionality of Noggin Core, plus: 

Medical van

Drive your safety KPIs in the right direction with best-practice management of incidents, injuries, risks, and controls

Checklist with checks next to a security shield.

Action tasks from incident ‘lessons learned’ and related risk reviews to achieve continual improvement of your organization’s processes and procedures

Clipboard with pen writing on it.

Report and manage all environmental, health and safety incidents and hazards in a single flexible platform

File folder with documents coming out of it.

Track and manage all your safety information, key documents, tasks, checklists,and corrective actions in one place

Magnifying glass.

Initiate and track investigations using best-practice standard methodologies

Checkmark and box with X in it for review process.

Manage safety assurance activities such as audits, inspections, non-conformances, and actions

Map grid with map pin.

Visualize locations of incidents, hazards, people, and assets using the fully integrated mapping features

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of the screen.

Increase team collaboration and efficiency using the in-built communications for email, SMS, or app notifications, broadcasts, alerts, and reminders

Group of people, medical cross, and security shield connected by a line.

Manage key details of staff, contractors, volunteers, and external parties, including competencies, compliances, and site inductions

Clipboard with clock in front of it.

Easily relate incidents, risks, and hazards to your own organization structure, buildings, sites, plant and equipment, materials, and other assets

Line graph.

Display key information where it is needed using flexible dashboards, analytics, and reporting that caters for all your stakeholders

Group of people next to a board.

Automate and lead people through your procedures, with fully-configurable workflows

Looking to learn how safety management software can streamline your operations?

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A Purchaser's Guide to Buying Safety Management Software

For business owners, maintaining a safe workplace has never been more important. For, as the data shows, firms are increasingly leveraging effective safety management protocols to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.
More than anywhere, that competitive edge comes out of the expense side of the ledger. Here, the cost (both indirect and direct) of safety incidents can be paralyzing, ultimately even business-ending. The federal regulator, Safe Work Australia reported that the median payout for a serious worker's compensation claim stood at AUD$11,500, which was a 39 percent year-over-year increase. Indirect costs also soared: the median time lost for a serious claim jumped 32 precent, in the same time period.

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A Guide to Understanding ISO 45001

Workplace injuries and diseases cut down productivity, increase staff absences, and even raise your insurance premiums. But managing occupational health and safety to reduce your workplace risk hasn't always been easy, especially with myriad, overlapping standards in the space.
Not anymore. Earlier this year, ISO (the International Organisation for Standardization) issued the ISO 45001 standard, a first-of-its-kind, international standard that gives businesses a common framework to manage their OHS risk.

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Hazardous Material Management: Avoiding Workplace Risk in Australia and New Zealand

Like it or not, the modern economy was built on hazardous materials. Now your firm generates or inadvertently hosts any number of them.
With new policies in Australia and New Zealand redefining common materials as hazardous wastes and placing stringent work health and safety regulations on PCBUs, lots of businesses are finding themselves in that situation. In turn, they’re asking, what can be done to efficiently manage hazardous waste and avoid workplace risk?

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Customer Success Story: LINX Cargo Care Group

A diversified logistics infrastructure and solutions provider, LINX Cargo Care Group employs over 3,800 people and operates in more than 60 sites across Australia and New Zealand. The company services a diverse portfolio of customers, across multiple industries. And the scope, size, and span of operations are pretty impressive too.
It only made sense then that the brand, emerging from a de-merger, would seek to raise the bar on employee safety, with a new, flexible HSEQR (Health, safety, environment, quality, and risk) system – one that could service all of its businesses and help harmonize incident management and safety processes.

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End-to-end safety management software, built for industry:

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