Bringing Social Sentiment Analysis Into Crisis Management

Download the Complimentary Guide:

By now it's clear social media has radically changed the game for business. Consumers no longer have to rely on traditional communications organs in order to weigh in on what companies are doing.

But for firms in the public eye, the spectacular growth of social channels has created a new threat vector for reputational crisis - one that carries with it serious, strategic risk for businesses. How are companies dealing with the threat? Alarmingly, only 33 percent are ready to manage reputation risks on social. 

Little do companies know though that some of the tools might already be at their disposal– just in the wrong alignment. That's why we created this reputation management guide to help teams bring the right technologies into their crisis and reputation management practice. 

Here's how the guide helps:

•  Lays out the new challenges social media poses to business
•  Examines the role social media sentiment plays in critical issues and crisis management and explores reasons most companies are getting it wrong
•  Provides a getting started guide to developing an effective data-driven reputation management function in your business