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Partnership Overview
Why Partner with Noggin?
The Noggin Partnership Approach
What Our Partners Say
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Partners Provide Added Value to Risk & Crisis Management

Noggin Partners help our clients through consulting services, thought leadership advice, and integration capabilities. Types of partnerships include:

Technology Partners integrate their solutions in Noggin's software applications to achieve the best possible outcomes,  from the smallest incidents to full-scale crises.

Channel Partners include consulting practices, value-added resellers, system integrators, and managed services providers who educate their customers with expertise around risk and crisis management.


Why Partner with Noggin?

Noggin helps to solve customer pain points by combining your subject matter expertise and consulting services with Noggin's software applications. 

Your clients will benefit from innovative, easy-to-use, all-hazards information management software for crisis and incident management. You can apply your own practice of risk management procedures for your clients while monetising on referral revenue.

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How to Leverage Noggin in a Triple-Win Approach

A partnership with Noggin performs in a winning triangle providing:

  • Insight to serve Partner's needs
  • Enablement tools for Partners to use with clients
  • Educate prospects with thought leadership about the critical importance of risk & crisis management

Joining forces together, Noggin provides easy to use tools for a co-branded experience combining your expertise, and ours.

The standard 30-day free trial combined with a simple Partnership deal registration will give you access to pre-sales material to help you and your clients get up to speed. You can also leverage co-marketing activities such as webinars, events, and common customer engagement.

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What Partners Say About Noggin

"Given the need to improve detection and early warning systems, we believe Noggin will be very useful in both responding to crises and conducting simulation exercises.”

- Tony Morris, Partner Deloitte

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How to Become a Noggin Partner

A partnership with Noggin is based on mutual outcomes for your clients. Join us to increase your expertise on incident, risk and crisis management.

Gain the resources needed to create solutions that combine your knowledge and Noggin's innovative software, enabling your customers to manage disruption, smarter.

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