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The Noggin Platform

The world's leading integrated resilience workspace for risk and business continuity management, operational resilience, incident & crisis management, and security & safety operations.

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The world’s leading platform for integrated safety & security management.

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Industry Solution

Incident Management Software for Aviation & Airports

Use Noggin to manage any aviation or airport incident, investigation and corrective action – from the smallest customer complaint, through to a major emergency. Manage safety & security, airside, landside and terminal operations, noise complaints and critical event management in a single integrated platform. Including Part 139 compliance and other regulatory audits, and a full range of daily operational functions

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Airport & Airline Safety & Security

Airport & Airline Safety & Security

Handle airport and airline emergency events, case management, airside security events, NOTAMS, daily scheduled inspections, continuous visibility, special condition assessments, and for airlines airworthiness, flight operations, aviation security and aircraft inspections, security operations and all elements of the safety management system.

Terminal Operations

Handle concessionaires, inter-terminal transport delays, gate information, customer complaints, lost and found property, flight information, bottlenecks in different critical areas of the baggage system, as well as baggage turn round audits.

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Airside Operations

Manage part 139 inspections, NOTAMS, delays in critical airside operations, runway and taxiway conditions, FOD, wildlife strikes, wildlife management, aircraft movements, social media monitoring and feeds, weather conditions and forecasts, de-icing activities, pushbacks and airside vehicle control.

Landside Operations

Manage parking lots and garage status, carpark inspections, commercial property leases & inspections and maintenance, transport capacity status for busses, trains, taxis, shuttles, rideshare services, airline and carrier busses, delays in key landside areas and the ability to monitor delays for private traffic for people arriving to or departing the airport district.

Critical Event Management

Manage any critical event from corporate crises, to full-scale emergency management, and business continuity disruption. All the tools to manage any incident through the entire lifecycle of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Keep your crisis or emergency teams following the same plans, collaborating effectively, and sharing the right information. Deploy digital playbooks and checklists to automate responses and track critical tasks.

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One Software Platform to Manage any Community or Business Disruption

Business Continuity Group (12)

Mitigate business disruption with our award-winning software for business continuity management.

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Operational Resilience Group (13)

Bolster resilience with our comprehensive solutions for operational resilience.

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Crisis Communications Group (14)

Navigate crises easily with our solution for effective crisis communications.

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Operational Risk Management Group (15)

Mitigate business risks with our next-gen operational risk management software.

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Crisis & Incident Management Group (16)

Manage disruption, smarter with our software for crisis and incident management.

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Third-Party Risk Management Group (17)

Reduce risks from third-parties with our software for third-party risk management.

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Emergency Management emergency mamagement 1

Enable effective preparedness and swift response with our solution for emergency management.

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Safety Management WHS-hard hat

Elevate safety processes and standards with our comprehensive solution for work safety management.

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Investigations & Case Management Group (19)

Streamline investigations and case management with our next-generation software.

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Security Management Security - padlock

Enhance the security of your people and assets with our solution for comprehensive security management.

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Go ahead, take a closer look at Noggin's integrated resilience workspace, which seamlessly integrates 10 solutions into one, easy-to-use platform.

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What are you waiting for

What are you waiting for?

Manage any incident, big or small with the world’s leading integrated platform for crisis & emergency management, work safety, business continuity, & operational security.