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5 Steps to Enhancing Organisational Resilience at Your Business

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The state of organisational resilience in the era of COVID-19

When the business environment shifts, organisations must be able to adapt. This capacity, a prerequisite to continuing to deliver on objectives amid change, is referred to as organisational resilience.

The firms that have it are better able to anticipate and respond not only to threats but also to opportunities that might arise from sudden or (even) gradual changes in the business environment. Meanwhile, the firms that don’t stand to lose everything.

A cursory look at the state of business resilience of today’s organisations suggests too many firms remain in the latter camp. For its part, the 2021 PWC Global Crisis Survey revelated that as many as 95 per cent of business leaders report that their crisis management capabilities need improvement.

Indeed, the pandemic has been a catalysing event for businesses seeking to build an organisational resilience capability. The pre-COVID-19 baseline of crisis readiness has made that effort exceedingly difficult, though.

More than 30 per cent of business leaders report that they did not have a designated core crisis response team when the pandemic first struck. Only 35 per cent had a crisis response plan they deemed “very relevant”.

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