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A Buyer’s Guide to Critical Event Management Software

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The escalating critical event threat exacerbates response and coordination challenges

The world hasn’t been this volatile in a long time. Just consider the cascade of crises we confront today – emerging COVID variants and subvariants, geopolitical conflict in eastern Europe and the western Pacific, civil unrest, cyber threats, supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages, rising inflation, and natural disasters.

And these are just the known threats we face concurrently. More and more often, unexpected crises emerge one after the other, compounding individual impacts and hindering our ability to respond effectively.

Not just that, the ongoing pandemic has made responding to individual disruptions more difficult than ever.

For one, workforces have become geographically fragmented. UK data shows that almost a third of businesses aren’t certain what proportion of their employees will be working remotely in the future.

Why that matters? It’s more difficult to protect employees working alone and/or in remote locations, especially since the employer duty of care obligation remains operative wherever the employee works.

That’s not the only challenge to effective business continuity and crisis and emergency management. Workers today are also inundated with constant messaging, thanks to the rapid uptake in corporate communications tools.

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