A Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Emergency Management Software

Software Buyer's Guide

Not all emergency management technology is made equal

Despite enormous strides in emergency and incident management technology, volunteer disaster and emergency response organizations, when queried, still acknowledge facing stark challenges – none graver than a sharp increase in the volume of emergencies agencies face individually. It’s chiefly this growth in the number and severity of emergencies – usually unaccompanied by an offsetting budgetary and/or staffing increase – that cancels out many of the positive benefits agencies hope to accrue from their advanced, emergency management software buys.

Often, though, the solutions themselves don’t offer necessary respite for procuring agencies. For instance, advanced emergency management technology can require more, dedicated IT expertise (to implement) than agencies have to provide: the IT function is notoriously overburdened in emergency response organizations, and some system implementations and configurations are inordinately cumbersome and time-consuming.

Additionally, once configured, software functionality often only provides value for emergency response, not the entirety of the emergency management life cycle, where teams are already falling short in preparing for non-response phases.

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