Four Hidden Costs of Using ERPs and CRMs for Crisis and Critical Event Management

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IT still controlling software purchasing – too often, for the worse

When it comes to enterprise software, IT and CIO bosses still control the purchasing agenda. Towards which solutions do they gravitate?

According to the data, IT, despite rapid innovation in the space, still prefers legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) and Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) platforms (Gartner).

To be sure, these platforms, often procured for IT service management, have their use. Unfortunately, though, their applicability is being stretched far beyond recognition – many times to the crisis and critical event management use case where they are an especially poor fit.

What do crisis teams, senior leaders, and other business decision makers think about this trade off? They’re being left to bear the brunt of having to use shoe-horned solutions that cost far more than IT thinks.

And that’s because IT often neglects total cost of ownership.

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