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Guide to Developing an Active Shooter Plan for Your Business

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By most metrics, workplace active shooter incidents, when one or more people are engaged in killing or attempting to kill multiple people, remain a statistical rarity. However, we have seen a recent uptick in workplace homicides, especially in the US, where the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) counted 500 workplace homicides (primarily shootings) in 2016, an increase of 83 cases over the year prior.

Suffice it to say that businesses need to be on the lookout, retailers and commercial banks especially. It is after all their cashiers who represent the largest number of workplace homicide victims (54 homicides), followed closely by first- line supervisors of retail sales workers (50 homicides).

So what’s the answer? The expert consensus is that preparing and putting flexible protocols in place is the best way to minimize damage and loss of life. And that’s why some organizations tackle planning in the highly linear fashion depicted below.

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