Guide to Developing an Emergency Lockdown Plan for Schools

Best Practice Guide


Once relatively anomalous, school campus incidents, like active shooters and bomb threats, have become the norm. In 2018, the U.S. averaged more than one school shooting a week. Bomb threats have also been on the rise. In turn, educational institutions have had to act more like traditional response organizations in order to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff.

Schools have been diligent in developing and implementing a diverse array of emergency plans and procedures based on best practices in the field. But though schools usually plan for active shooter scenarios, their efforts often end there.

Meanwhile, an emergency lockdown plan is a necessary supplement to any school incident plan. Lockdown planning deals with the threat posed by an intruder or an emergency situation, which then prevents the evacuation of students from the building. The plan itself usually lays out multiple steps to isolate students, teachers, and staff via a lockdown.

Since emergency situations are usually so fluid, they present multiple planning challenges, even for veterans. That’s why we decided to create a step-by-step, best- practice guide to developing your school’s emergency lockdown plan.

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