An Introductory Guide to ISO 45001 for Health & Safety

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ISO 45001 aims to improve OHS practices around the world

But it’s, of course, individual organizations, not the economy at large, that bear the direct costs of poor OHS practices. Individual companies will suffer from lost productivity, diminished employee morale, increased regulatory scrutiny, legal action, and even financial penalty, unless they prioritize and develop robust workplace safety cultures. And now, they have the means to do so.

To help organizations provide a safe and healthy workplace to their employees and prevent work-related injury and ill health to other stakeholders, the ISO (International Standards Organization) recently published ISO 45001, a new, high-level, international standard that gives organizations a common framework to manage their OHS risk. The standard itself, applicable to organizations of all size, kind, and in any market, provides a systematic, integrated approach to managing OHS-related matters.

The world’s first international standard to deal exclusively with work health and safety, ISO 45001 represents a landmark in the space. It replaces a number of pre-existing national health and safety standards and proprietary certifications, the most popular being the internationally applied British standard, OHSAS 18001, from which ISO 45001 is principally derived.

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