Woolworths Achieves Key Business Improvements with Noggin

Case Study

Woolworths engaged Noggin to enhance employee communications

It’s no overstatement to say that Woolworths is synonymous with the Australian supermarket. The mega retailer accounts for some 80 percent of market share; its more than one thousand stores are fixtures in Australia’s (and New Zealand’s) cities, towns, and rural communities.

But such thorough market domination does create operational challenges. Having so many stores means that Woolworths has to manage an incredibly complex supply chain, with extreme weather events increasing the risk of disruption. Not only that, security guards also have to monitor untold volumes of foot traffic, often traversing through public spaces.

What’s more, like most forward-looking corporations, Woolworths keeps innovating in the way it communicates with its massive workforce.

That’s how all-hazards management software vendor, Noggin entered the picture. Way back in 2010, Woolworths engaged Noggin to develop the its new HR Employee Communications Project.

The choice of Noggin was fitting: powerful, web-based software, Noggin makes HR communication (and sharing information, more broadly) easy. And so, the system was installed at Woolworths, becoming the company’s primary tool for employee communication.

The advantages of the new system were obvious. The Noggin platform targets messages to staff, wherever they are, including policies, procedures, shift changes, management memos, OHS and other urgent messages. This was key for Woolworths who wanted a platform that would let senior leaders, including the CEO, communicate more efficiently with staff via email and SMS.

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