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The effects of COVID on the safety management software market

Safety management is a mature field, safety management software solutions having been on the market for some time now. Indeed, only 10 per cent of EHS executives have no plans to use software for safety hazards and risk mitigation, according to independent research firm, Verdantix.

Despite near-saturation being reached, the safety management market has still been upended by the pandemic. The principal effect being a rapid uptick in customers deploying safety solutions offering functionality across incident management, risk management, audits and inspections, safety program management, and/or safety- related training and development.

These solutions, though, are evidence of mature safety cultures at the organizations that procured them.

How so? Thanks to technology innovation, the organizations in question can now distribute safety material broadly; they can also place greater responsibility on employees to report on safety incidents; and with that greater responsibility comes positive improvements in worker safety behavior.

What innovations? Mobile-based solutions, in particular, have come of age, notes Verdantix. These solutions support real-time notifications and two-way communication to ensure that safety best practices are top of mind irrespective of where employees work.

But that’s not the only innovation worth noting.

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