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The State of Play in Operational Resilience

Best Practice Guide

A guide to overcoming challenges in getting operational resilience programs off the ground

After an unbroken series of critical events, resilience has become a mantra of the business world. Industry regulators, in their turn, have also alighted on operational resilience as a key sector-wide objective.

Operational resilience itself, according to Gartner, refers to initiatives meant to expand business continuity management programs with an effort toward focus on impacts, connected risk appetite, and tolerance levels for disruption of product or service delivery to internal and external stakeholders, e.g., such as employees, customers, citizens, and partners.

But as these initiatives grow in kind and importance, the question remains: are they bearing fruit?

BCI set out to answer just that question, releasing the results of its multi-sector survey into operational resilience practices.

The resultant report, the Operational Resilience Report 2022, finds unsurprisingly that operational resilience practices have risen in popularity – quickly.

Now, over three quarters of organizations report either having or developing an operational resilience program. Within tightly regulated sectors (such as finance), adoption numbers are even higher.

Organizations aren’t just being swayed by regulatory mandates. The desire to implement best practices is also driving adoption. Nearly three quarters of respondents reveal that they are developing their operational resilience programs because of good practices.

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