The Top Eight Business Continuity Threats of 2022

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State of business continuity and resilience in 2022

In 2022, businesses are struggling to find their bearings, after two years of radical shifts in the business environment.

As a result, the capacity to adapt quickly has become a prerequisite to continuing to deliver services in this era of change.

The firms that have this capacity – also known as organisational resilience – will be better poised to anticipate threats and respond to opportunities.

The only problem – too few do.

A cursory look at the state of business continuity going into 2022 suggests not enough firms are prepared. According to the latest PWC Global Crisis Survey, as many as 95 per cent of business leaders report that their crisis management capabilities need improvement.

At least, senior leadership, thanks to the pandemic, is becoming more attuned to the importance of organisational resilience. That awareness, however, hasn’t trickled down to staff. Forty per cent of management teams might be very aware of the role of resilience in their organisation, but only 16 per cent of staff are.

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