The Top Security Threats of 2022

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The security picture in 2022

In the face of an unpredictable virus, business leaders are managing operations as best they can – with snap lockdowns, ad hoc remote working, and staff shortages all factors to contend with to ensure business continuity.

Often overlooked in this COVID calculus is the role of corporate security. The function has been upended by a public health crisis that has sent many employees to newly fashioned home offices.

Even with fewer workers in brick-and-mortar offices than in 2019, corporate security hasn’t exactly gotten any easier. Indeed, many of the top threats to corporate security from that year have only gotten worse.

Meanwhile, the COVID crisis itself has introduced several new threats. The result has been a steady increase in security risk.

How to address these risks? It starts with understanding the threat environment. To that end, this guide lays out the top corporate security risks of 2022, before offering tips and strategies to keep staff and facilities safe.

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