Top Safety Threats of 2022

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COVID-19 and the safety picture in 2022

Last year wrapped up with the emergence of the fast- spreading Omicron variant. The COVID variant quickly swept across the globe. Now, even areas with over 90 per cent of their adult populations fully vaccinated are experiencing record case rates.

Although less virulent than the prior Delta variant, Omicron suggests that the new normal of COVID might be what epidemiologists call “endemic infection”. Endemic infection is characterised by static case rates – neither rising dramatically nor falling significantly.

For employers promised eradication, the potential of endemic COVID infection must be factored into the overall safety picture for 2022 and beyond. After all, endemic infections, such as malaria, rotavirus, hepatitis C, or measles, can be widespread and deadly.

Nor are the physical health effects associated with COVID the only safety management concern employers must consider – that would be too easy. Safety leaders must gear up for another turbulent year, developing the safety management strategies likeliest to keep their people safe.

Implementing the right strategies, though, requires understanding what safety risks are likeliest to pose the gravest threat. Not sure what those threats are? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve looked at the available data, compiling a list of the top safety threats of 2022, before providing tips and tactics on how to keep your people safe.

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